Betting sites with the best odds

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When you hear that someone is living off betting, you think that gambling is the thing to do. You can finally quit your nine to five job, buy that house you like, and go on vacation. It sounds oh so simple, especially when you read about people’s success stories. However, what you do not see is the foundation that successful bettors build before winning. There are the lucky ones who win by some streak of luck, and they make it big. And then some carefully plan out every move. You cannot be sure of luck, but a strategy will work your way. If you go in blind, you will come out with less money than you had in the beginning. Winning starts with building a strong foundation, which you can do by choosing the best site.

When it comes to betting sites, your focus should be on the odds, range in markets, and security of payments. In this article, we will focus on the odds as they determine how much money you can make.

Why you should get the best odds?

For one, you will make much more out of the venture. Secondly, you will save money. If one site offers you odds that are better than another, this increases the money you save. It is especially useful where you plan on increasing the bet amounts. Right now, losing a pound may not seem like a big deal. However, in two or three months, when you are working with hundreds, those pounds will matter.

As you look at the odds, also be keen as to the point spreads. Let’s take the example of two betting sites. One offers you a spread of -5.5 while the other offers you -6. It is much easier for a team to beat another by 5.5 points as compared to 6. With this in mind, you can follow the more practical option and save yourself from losing cash.

Betting Sites

Where can you get good odds that can help you be successful in betting? Well, here are some great options for your consideration:

22 Bet

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This site is known for its wide range of markets such that you have thousands of events at a time. That means that you have more options when it comes to placing wagers. You can spread your money and reduce the risk of losing it all.

Additionally, it has a fantastic welcome offer that gives you some foundation on the platform. As for the odds, they are highly competitive, and you can enjoy the variation in the markets. It helps that this site operates under the law as this reduces the chances of scandals.

Bet 365

Bet365 logo

Live streaming is an exciting way to stay up to date with what is taking place in an event. It allows you to make changes as the game continues, such as cashing out. But that’s not all that you get on this platform. When it comes to odds, it boasts of a considerable volume of the same. And to make things better, they are competitive compared to what is on the market.

Which are the best betting sites for horse racing?


1XBet logo

This platform excels in customer service such that users can quickly contact the customer support team. It allows for transparency in activities as well as a fast resolution of problems. You can take advantage of the many promotions offered on the site. Also, live streaming options are available to help you track your games.


Betway logo

With this site, you have several payment options, including PayPal, thus giving you diversity regarding withdrawals. It offers many offers and promotions to help you make more out of your bets. And when it comes to odds, the offers are quite lucrative, and they beat most of those in the market.

Bet Winner

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Here, you get a generous welcome offer, paving your way to making huge winnings in the future. The customer support service is impeccable as it ensures that customers can air their concerns. It offers highly competitive odds, as well as a range of betting opportunities.


Megapari logo

When it comes to markets, this is the platform to use owing to the variation in the same. The odds are highly competitive, as are the various promotions offered on the site. The icing on the cake is the excellent customer support.

Be sure to research what odds a site offers before signing up for an account. All the best!