Best betting sites without verification – which are the best betting sites to deposit, play, and withdraw without verification?

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Bookmakers take a lot of precautions when handling their operations. Failure to do this can get them in trouble with the law, and they can lose their operating licenses. One of these precautions is verifying the identity of the site users. You will notice that many sites will ask for some form of identification. They use this to gauge if you own the account in your name. It is also a measure of whether you are old enough to gamble.

Not everyone wants to go through this identification, and you might be in search of sites without verification. If this is the case, you will be happy to know that you can still gamble while hiding your identity.

Why would you not want verification?

People hide their identities for scores of reasons.

One of them is age. You may feel like you have a lucky streak but cannot access a betting site owing to the age limitations. Most sites will ask for players aged eighteen and above. In some countries, this limit goes up to twenty-one years. However, in this case, it would not be advisable for you to gamble. There is a reason why these age limitations are in place. You can wait until you are of age.

The second reason would be where you use third party details, instead of yours. If you do not want the site to catch on to you, the best bet lies in using a website without verification. Also, note that if your activities are fraudulent, this is not advisable. An example would be where you use someone’s card to make bets without their knowledge.

The third is where you wish to protect your data. Sites collect a lot of information that could land in the wrong hands at one point or the other. So, uploading your verification documents to a betting site may not feel like a good move. It could also be that you want to steer clear of credit checks. Either way, remaining anonymous is of the essence.

Finally, it could be that betting is illegal in your country, and you cannot help but want to be part of the action. In this case, you could use bookmakers who will not ask for verification. Most sites accepting players from non-betting regions will not bother much with identities.

How can you bet in discreet?

You should know that you cannot use your credit cards and think that you can remain unidentified. It could work if you use third party details, but even then, the site will catch up on you. You should thus invest in digital currencies which you can access at your will. Anything else will leave some footprints that will eventually lead to your doorstep.

Betting Sites

Now that you know why you could remain discreet and how to do so, let us cover your options:


1xbit logoThis site is quite easy to get into, and it relies on the use of digital currencies. All you have to do is register an account, and you do not have to enter your data. However, if you wish to receive account details on your mail, you can provide an address. Other than that, you can save the details in a file and concentrate on making wagers. FortuneJack is another excellent option for you. As is the case with 1XBit, you can use digital money to reduce the traces you leave behind.

22 Bet

22 bet logoYou can also use this site in your quest for anonymity. It has a ton of advantages such as variety in the withdrawal options as well as matches. It also offers a jackpot, and if you are feeling lucky, you should have a go at it. With this site, you can create an account without undergoing a verification process. However, note that you can only do so when your withdrawal amounts are not high. If you start making some good cash, it is only a matter of time before they are on your case. And you would need to verify the account to keep using it. If you are looking for betting sites with cash out feature, you can check article for that in our website as well.

Bet Winner is another reliable site where you can bet without divulging a lot of personal data. The same goes for Mel Bet. Research the options available to you, and you will have an easier time deciding what’s best in your case. Good luck!